Friday, February 8, 2008

Random Stuff.

I went all out for dinner tonight, in fact I think the pizza guy will be here any minute. :-) E is out of town -- off on a guys snowmobiling adventure with his business partner over in Yellowstone Park--and its kind of tradition that the girls and I order pizza one night if he's gone. I did make a great big ol' salad to go with it, to kind of balance out the carbs/calories. He'll be gone til late Sunday, so it'll just be us girls for the weekend. I wish I would've planned ahead and gotten some chick flicks (from Netflix) for it, but all I have are "Flyboys" and "Flags of our Fathers"--two definite guy movies! Oh well, I am sure we'll manage.

Kera and I went to her "Preschool Roundup" today. It was cool, she's going to the same preschool that Lindsay went to, so it was good to see the teachers again. I'm excited for her to have her own "school", too. I can't believe she's that old (or almost that old since preschool starts in the fall) already! It goes by so fast....

Yum. This pizza rocks. :-) I gotta go enjoy it.

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  1. Pizza is the healthiest of fast food/takeout food. You definitely could have done much worse!

    Enjoy your weekend with just you girls! :)


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