Wednesday, February 6, 2008


It's kind of funny to look back at how I thought or who I was years ago and compare it to who I am and how I think now. I've definitely evolved in certain areas of my life. Maybe its not technically "evolving" because its not like I've changed physically, but I've definitely evolved emotionall, mentally and in every other way.

I can vividly remember how much I hated p.e. class when I was in highschool. It was no fun, I hated the feeling of being out of breath, sweating, hated changing my clothes, getting my hair messy, hated all the sports and the catching/throwing/hitting of various round objects--all of it. Those days of presidential fitness tests were the worst because not only did I have to do all the things I hated, but I got scored on them and never did very well. The absolute worst one, though, was the 1 mile run. I remember being in awe of anyone who could do it quickly and without looking completely wasted, because I certainly didn't do it quickly and it always kicked my butt. I don't remember when my attitude changed, it certainly wasn't overnight, but after a while my feelings towards physical education & running, in particular, changed. I took a running class and after easing into it, I realized I liked the feeling of running. Then I took a rock climbing class and realized I liked that, too. I still don't like sports that involve balls (I have an unhealthy fear of them hitting me in the head) but I've evolved into liking ultimate frisbee, folf, running, and other physical activities. I don't mind being sweaty now--it actually makes me feel like I've accomplished something. And I could care less about my hair getting messed up, too.

Another way I've evolved is in my life's ambitions. When I was in college I use to say that all I wanted was to live in a cabin in the woods and write. I didn't care about being married and I certianly didn't want children. A lot of those feelings changed when I realized I needed a "real" job and moved back to live with my parents, which was by no means a cabin in the woods! Later my focus shifted from being all on me and what I wanted to thinking more about others around me and that's about the time I met & fell in love with Erik, and the kids were a very natural progression. No longer does being alone in the woods appeal to me, although I'd love to have more time to write, but that's a whole other topic, because I'm happy just where I am with my family.

I'm sure that in another ten or so years I'll even look back at who I am now and laugh at what has changed, but I think that is a really cool thing about life--God gives us the opportunity/ability to change and become better, more complete people.


  1. Wow. Amazingly, you and I share so many similarities! I used to loath any kind of physical activity and now I crave it. I also wanted no family, but now I can't imagine life without one. :)

  2. ps - be jealous of me... I've made 2 pages in 2 days! :-D


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