Monday, February 4, 2008

The Perfect Run

You know those dreams that you really enjoy? You know the ones where everything is going perfectly? For me, its the ones where I'm flying. Not flying to get away from some evil being/force, but just flying to fly. Soaring through clouds and looking down on rivers and mountains, feeling the wind whip through my hair and feeling that amazing feeling of freedom...That is exactly what the perfect run is like.And I had one the other day, which was heavenly.

On a perfect run it doesn't matter that I'm not out on a trail near the river but stuck inside on my treadmill instead. I also stop worrying about my daughter who is upstairs, sick & miserable with the flu. It is amazing, but I also lose the feeling of tiredness from a sleepless night.

The perfect run has no pain, time or distance, in theory. I'm not watching the clock to see when I can walk or when I'm done, I could just simply keep going and going, my legs moving in time with my breath Sweat trickling down my forehead and the back of my neck makes me feel alive. I can hear the music playing in my ears, but its like I'm tuning it out at the same time. My legs feel strong and my body is light.

I'm not an elite runner nor am I in excellent physical condition--my perfect run is 2.56 miles in 40 minutes :-) -- but I do have the luck of experiencing the "runner's high", and that is what makes a run perfect.

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