Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Normal, Boring, Everyday stuff

Well, life seems to have a way of getting busy awfully quickly. Unfortunately, my "busy-ness" lately hasn't really been too exciting or funny, so I haven't been very quick to share it. I mean, who wants to read about normal, boring everyday stuff?!

One cool thing was my brother coming over for dinner last night. He just got back from spending the holidays over in Germany with his girlfriend, so it was good to see him. He's getting ready to move over there this summer, so I treasure any time spent with him now. The girls love him, too. Lindsay kept running up to him with her arms out saying "huggy, huggy".

Oh, and here's a picture of my work of art otherwise known as Lindsay's haircut.

The other day I walked into my room where Lindsay was watching cartoons and I find this:

Lindsay had gotten down her piggy bank and poured all the coins out then pulled all the bills out. She was then sorting it and had it in little piles of pennies, bills, nickels, plastic coins, gems, etc. It was kind of cool to see how smart she was to sort it. Maybe she'll be a banker when she grows up. I'm thinking it may be time to take that all to the bank and put in her real savings account, too, cuz that little piggy is full! Oh, and yes, Lindsay is doing all that without pants. Almost the first thing she does when she gets home from school is take off her pants and run around our 66 degree house without them. Seems its just as hard to wear pants when you are skinny as when you are not skinny. :-)

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