Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Little Skier

Yesterday we drove up to Blacktail Mountain with Erik's parents and his sister and her family who are out from Reno to visit. I am not a skier, but figured it would be fun to hang out at the lodge and give everyone else a chance to ski. By the time we made it up there Erik decided that it wasn't worth his money to rent for a couple hours, but both Lindsay and Kera wanted to try to ski. So, he rented them both some skis and set up a lesson. We got the girls all dressed up in their snow gear, ski boots and skis and took them outside to see how they'd fare with those things on their feet.

It was hilarious to see them trying to "walk" with skis on, but they got tired easily so we headed back in for a potty stop and warm up before their lesson started. Pretty soon it was time to get all dressed again and we headed out. Erik's sister, Kelly, took Kera down a short little hill and then had to pull her back up, which was fun to watch--getting a little girl to go uphill with skis on is quite the task!

Then, it was lesson time. As soon as the teacher came up Kera decided she was done with this whole skiing thing, and wouldn't do a thing. Lindsay, on the other hand, was a eager sport, so Erik & I left her with the teacher and took Kera in. I didn't want to force her to try it, since I personally don't like it, so I figured it was good she at least put the skis on and tried it.
By the time Lindsay was done with her lessons, she was going up the rope toe and skiing/snowplowing down the bunny hill and LOVING it. I was so proud of her. She wanted to keep going even after the lesson was done! She woke up this morning and asked "Can we go skiing today?". Looks like I have a little skier on my hands! :-) I am so stinkin' proud of her for trying it and doing well and liking it!!

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