Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A few pieces of randomness...

We got to meet our new baby niece, Sawyer this past weekend. She is SO cute--so smiley and happy. But I think the cutest thing was how much Lindsay liked her. She was always right there by her, helping get her toys, distracting her from eating or sleeping and making her smile.
It was pretty obvious that Sawyer loved the attention from her older cousin, too. She was watching Lindsay and having a hard time eating or sleeping if even a peep was heard out of the older girls. Kelly (Sawyer's mom) kept saying how bored poor Sawyer would be once she got home with no cousins to entertain her, but I'm sure getting home and back to a schedule (sleep!) will actually be welcomed!
Lindsay making slime with her Uncle Ben. He's a chemist/professor--Erik and I think he may be the most intelligent person we know. Although his wife, Kelly, is a smart cookie too, maybe its a tie between the two. Anyway, last year about this time when they were visiting, Ben helped Lindsay make slime, and she played with it each time we went up to the lake until about a month ago when it was finally too dry to play with and we threw it out. So this last visit she kept asking him to make slime, so they did. Three small batches in different colors, this time Kera even helped. Pretty cool. :-)

Then, here is the girls playing nicely together. Lindsay is actually curling Kera's hair with a little plastic hair curler. It was pretty cute. Usually I'm the one that gets my hair curled (read:pulled) but this time Kera let her sister make her beautiful!

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