Friday, January 4, 2008


So, I decided to trim Lindsay's hair yesterday. She was in need of one really bad and I didn't feel like trucking her off to the mall and paying $13 for a cut. I thought "How hard could it really be to cut a kid's hair?". Well, it turns out to be harder than it looks. I set her up in front of the TV so at least she'd sit still, and she did well with that. Its just a five year old has a lot of hair, at least mine does, and so it was hard to get it cut evenly without it looking blunt. Then there is the whole scissors and comb in the same hand thing--that was difficult, I almost poked Lindsay in the eye with the stupid scissors at one point, succeeding in scratching her temple pretty good. She kept asking if it looked good and telling me not to cut it too short and I kept grimacing inside with each snip, BUT it turned out okay. Its mostly even and she likes it, so it was a success, I guess. Next time, however, I'm going to bite the bullet and just take her in, it is a good excuse to go to the mall. :-)

Speaking of haircuts....This is what my hair looked like this morning, take note that it's unwashed & unstyled.

I decided that it was time to change it up. I wanted some highlights to help camouflage any more greys that might decide to grace my head with their presence, and I desperately need a change in the style, er, to actually get some style. So, I went to my hairdresser this morning. After she weaved in some color (I always love how you look like an alien or something with all that foil on your head), shampooed/conditioned my scalp happy (I think that's my FAVORITE part of getting my hair done, is the relaxing scalp massage that comes with the shampoo) and then expertly and without harm snipped off three or so inches, this is what I came home looking like:

Whatcha think? Kera likes it. :-)

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  1. Love the new haircut! So very cute! Have a great weekend...


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