Thursday, January 3, 2008

Looking Forward

Lindsay holding her baby cousin, Amari.

Kendra's Goals for 2008

Actually, these arent' technically my goals. Goals are something you strive to reach, so these would technically be the means to get to my goals, I think. I suppose I could just list my goals (lose weight, pray more, have better relationships) but those are pretty broad and generic. I need specifics. So, here are my means to my goals:

1. Study through the New Testament.

2. Pray with someone or somewhere fun each week.

3. Follow a strict low glycemic diet.

4. Workout 6 to 7 times a week. Include yoga, pilates, aerobic video with my running)

5. Plan more dates with Erik.

6. Spend more play time with the girls.

7. Spend more time with my Mom & Sister.

They're pretty cute, huh? Too bad they don't always act cute. ;-)

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  1. My girl friend who has the most adorable and cutest little boy said about him, "If he wasn't so darn cute, I'd be strangling him!" :)


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