Monday, December 31, 2007

I Live in a Snowglobe

Well, not exactly. I live in a house just like any other stay-at-home mom, but the other morning it looked soo cool. Erik had gotten up early and turned on the fireplace, so it was nice and toasty (almost gagging) warm in the living area, but then it was kind of snowing outside, which made this nice contrast between the orange flame and the almost blue outside. I had to try and capture it on camera. And although I wasn't able to capture the fire as well as I'd have liked to, I think the blueish outside is really cool.
Its been so nice to be home--I've been able to unpack and do some laundry, put away a few Christmas things (its easier done in small doses), workout, catch up on paperwork, watch "The Office" on Netflix with Erik and even do some scrapbooking. I've also been thinking about what I want my goals to be for the new year. Goals are a tricky thing for me. In years past I have been overzealous and made more goals than I could actually keep, causing frustration and total abandonment of any goals. Last year I did okay, I had three goals, well, three and one bonus:
1. To have quiet time everyday (reading the whole Bible in 2007).
2.To lose weight by working out at least 5x every week (and keep eating healthy focusing on portion control.
3.To submit at least one (more is good, but one is my goal) poem a month for publication.
Bonus goal: To keep scrapbooking several times a week.

So how did I do? Well, okay. I did pretty good with the quiet times--I've read most of the bible this past year, but missed some pretty big chunks when I skipped them. I decided that reading the bible in a year is a great goal, it is not the best for me. I do better reading it topically and pairing it with a devotional type book, I get more out of it. So that'll be one of my goals for 2008, I think.

Let's see...did I lose weight? Well, kind of. I did for a while, but I'm not any closer to my goal weight now than a year ago. I have to give myself kuddos for my workouts--they are more consistent now and I feel a little healthier, but if I'm going to lose weight (I'm working against some super rebellious hormones right now) I'm going to have to kick it up a notch, which leads to another goal for 2008.
I totally sucked on the poetry part. I did good for like 4 months, but then I got busy and put it last and haven't submitted any since April. I was excited to have one accepted to an ezine, but when I never actually saw it on there, I got even more discouraged. I don't think that striving for publication is the right thing for me right now, I have other goals that are more pressing. I would like to strive for some fun writing though, something to do with journaling more often. We'll see.
I also didn't do the scrapbooking part, but I am not too far behind either, so I would have to call that one a draw. Oh well.
So goals are tough for me, but I have to have them. I look forward to making them and I get excited when they are new, to meet them. I'll probably work on perfecting my 2008 goals today. :-)

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