Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas in Big Arm

This year, there was was an unspoken "princess" theme. It included dresses, make up, wrapping paper and a treasure chest full of dresses, shoes, necklaces & crowns. Here Lindsay looks like a princess, doesn't she? That cheesy grin and all... Kera's treasure chest had three different dresses, which she proceeded to try on one after another right then and there. She didn't want to wait for anyone else to open presents, she was a focused little girl.

Erik even got to experience a bit of the princess theme by virtue of being a "prince" with his brand new fancy leather jacket. What a catch!

As for my participation in the "princess" theme, I was strangely left out. It seems that while the prince and his little princesses are dressed in finery, I will be cooking for them with my new pans, spatulas and electric tea pot! :-)

After a Christmas day nap for the kiddos and a wonderful turkey dinner, we watched Erik's new movie, the Pirates of the Caribbean at Worlds End. We were surprsied to find that it is a logn movie--almost three hours adn I was sorely disappointed by the ending. I mean, c'mon!!!!! I don't want to spoil the ending for anyone, but I really, really didn't like it, at all.

Today, we bundled all up in our winter gear and headed into town to sled at the local park. It was perfect! Just enough hill to get the sled going but not too steep to be scary and enough straight stretch at the end to slow down adn stop before hitting any trees, picnic tables or going off the edge into the lake. Kera and Lindsay even got to try out the playground equipment, sliding, swinging and doing the monkey bars. It was really fun.
A stop at the latte stop afterwards for a yummy eggnog latte made the day complete! I will be sad to see the season for eggnog latte's gone by, they are my favorite drink of the season for sure.
I am really enjoying being up here--the freedom from the need to do housework and such is so nice! The only thing I feel like I'm missing out on is my scrapbooking. I could really be making headway on the picturs I need to catch up on, but oh well. I can do that next week, for now, I am going to enjoy this!


  1. Well, if the girls are princesses, Erik is the prince (or king) and you got the pots, does that make you Cinderella? Then you ARE a princess!

  2. Cool blog! :) I'm sorry to say but I like reading blogger much more than, which was really confusing.

    Speaking of scrapbooking, have you seen those nice photobooks? I saw a friend's and it was gorgeous. I want to make a few of the trips JP and I have taken. I'm using the software from Picaboo and it's a lot of fun :).


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