Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas to me?!

I've had a wonderful Christmas so far. Last night Erik & I hung out at some friends' home that live up here (by the lake) while the girls went to Christmas Eve service with their grandparents. That was nice. When we got home we opened gifts and drank this wonderful sparkling white Zinfandel wine. The girls loved all their gifts--Kera got a cute treasure chest full of dress up clothes and Lindsay got a "Glam n' Glitter" duffel bag full of nail polish, eyeshadow, glitter and lipstick. (Oh joy). I got some great new pans, an electric tea pot, some Christmas glasses and a really cool hand painted Mexican pitcher.
The girls crashed quickly, so that it was easy to fill the stockings before it got too late. I even had Erik fill my stocking with the stuffers I had bought for myself! he he he. I'm the main buyer when it comes to Christmas, so I get my own things just so I don't feel left out! But, Erik actually got me some fun things himself this year, so I was really pleasantly surprised. He got me some comfy slippers, pj's and a Satin Hands Set. (woohoo, I LOVE that!).
The girls weren't up too early, and once they got up they were already plugged into these paint sets they got last night and didn't even notice the stockings filled to overflowing under the tree! It was kind of cute. After they'd pulled everything out, lotion, gum, chapstick, markers, etc. Kera said that she "loved Santa best". It was cute.
It was during our "after gift opening, after breakfast lounging" that I found the most memorable gift of all. A grey hair!!!! I thought at first that it was a lighter hair, but after pulling it out, I realized it was indeed lighter, a whole lot lighter! It was a 3 to 4 inch long grey hair! I couldn't believe it. For one, I can't believe I'm already getting greys, and for two the fact that it was that long just shocked me. I showed everyone and then threw it away. I thought about taking a picture to post here, but decided against it. Maybe I won't get any more for a while....either that or I'll decide to get my hair highlighted again to try and camouflage any more that decide to grace my now old head.
So, Merry Christmas from me and my grey hair!

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