Sunday, December 16, 2007


Last night was a success. Sonja, Yvonne and I pulled off the "wine & cheese" party that was really a birthday party for Jessica. She was surprised and encouraged. It was so great! We had a ton of food--I always seem to go overboard on food--, great wine and lots of laughs. I am so happy we could encourage her like that. I think people with birthdays in the month of December tend to get overlooked because its such a busy month with Christmas and all. When we asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday, she didn't know, so we decided for her! :-) It went well.

Erik & I talked about doing an impromptu Christmas party with our neighbors this next week to get rid of the rest of the food and put a dent in the wine, well, that and to hang out with them and wish them a happy holiday. I love our neighborhood--there are a ton of kids so everyone kind of relates to one another and folks take a genuine interest in each other. It is not one of those neighborhoods where everyone goes into their house after work and all you see is their garage door open and close. I like how friendly most everyone here is.

I can relax a little now with this big party and this past week being over. That was the worst of the "holiday busyness" I think. This next week should be much better. I am done with the shopping, the baking, most of the cleaning, the Christmas cards (which, when you make your own, is quite a task!), the wrapping and a big chunk of laundry. Yeah, I can definitely relax a little this week. Then, it'll be time to go up to the lake and that should be relaxing, too.

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