Monday, December 17, 2007

Festive Kiddos

We weren't going to put up the tree this year. I didn't want to drag it out if we were going to be gone for Christmas, and having been gone that week after Thanksgiving, I was feeling really behind. But, the girls really wanted to put up the tree, so I gave in and we put it up and dragged all the rest of our decorations out. Our house is officially "festive" this year. As much work as it was, now that it is done, I'm glad we decorated. It always feels homey to have all the Christmas decor out, and the tree with the lights. I LOVE coming home to a dark house that has the Christmas tree all lit up. It makes me happy. I have some pretty smart kiddos. :-) (As long as I don't think about all the work it will be to take everything down! ha ha ha)

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