Friday, October 5, 2012

Taking a Walk

Last weekend was spent up in the Flathead valley with Erik's folks. We sort of got out of the smoke that had plagued the Missoula valley for weeks and enjoyed a beautiful weekend with family. We decided on Saturday to drive up to Lake Mary Ronan and take a walk/hike around the lake. It was a gorgeous day, perfect for a walk.

We all went, even Cody, of course. 

Lake Mary Ronan is smaller than Flathead, but it definitely has it's own beauty. We walked through an area with lots of cattails which had some cool fall colors going on.

It never ceases to amaze me how diverse and beautiful the landscape around Montana is. There's lakes, mountains, cattails, bushes, trees and so much more.

I'm truly grateful to live in such a beautiful area, and that we can drive just a few hours from our house to find such treasures.

Our dry summer was pretty obvious in the siltyness of the road at one point and the bushes and trees which were already turning so many fall colors. 

It didn't deter us in our walk however. 

Of course we had to stop a few times. Once to cross a ditch in which we found HUGE crawfish and once or twice to pet the pup. 

We finally got to the actual lake and spent some time chilling out there. Cody waded out in the water just enough to get his feet wet, but not too far.

While we skipped rocks and explored.

And, of course, just chilled out.

Once Cody was done in the water he came over to where Erik and I were perched on a rock and tried to crawl up into my lap. I didn't want a wet dog sitting on me, so I didn't let him.

So then he went over to Erik. Which is funny because he usually chooses me over Erik for some reason, probably because I'm the one home with him most days. Would Erik let the wet puppy, who was kinda cold and wet, sit in his lap?

Well, because under that hard exterior shell, Erik is actually quite the softy so yes, he let the cold, wet puppy cuddle with him until we left.

Seriously, though, how could you say "no" to that cute face?

We enjoyed this view of Lake Mary Ronan.

Papa and Grandma enjoyed hanging out with the kiddos.

Kiddos enjoyed playing with the puppy.

And puppy probably enjoyed the whole thing, but especially being able to cuddle with "Daddy".

And a good time was had by all. :)

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