Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What To Do When You Need A Laugh

I have a confession to make. Sometimes I actually look at my blog's statistics. I find it interesting to see which posts get the most hits and where those hits are coming from. Obviously I don't write for those hits because it seems like it's always a surprise which posts are more popular. Oh well, it's just interesting to me. Looking at my "Search Keywords" is also very interesting, and can be downright hilarious. When I looked at that today, here's some of the "Search Keywords" from the past week that stood out to me:

"a survival manual for the human mind" -- Um, yeah, my blog comes up on that one because I surely have it ALL figured out. I have a feeling that whoever was searching w/ that phrase was sorely disappointed to happen upon my little ol' blog.

"take a dump" squat hike -- I can see the hike part, but seriously? I don't think I've ever blogged about taking a dump in the woods, which of course is always done in a a squat position unless you're my kid and need a log to support you. Oh look at that, I guess now I've blogged about pooping in the woods.

how to become friends with a tooth fairy -- I'm totally not making this one up, honest! Did I blog about this secret and forget? I know I've mentioned countless times how I've forgotten to "be the tooth fairy" for both my kids, because I'm super forgetful. Maybe I need to become friends w/ her so she'll actually do her own job for once.

There were others that were totally legit, and since they aren't funny I'm not talking about them. So, if you need just a laugh or two, check out your blog statistics and specifically the "search keywords", you'll thank me for it. :)

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