Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Spring Hike

Another fun family activity that we've done on our spring break is to drive a little further north to Kalispell (about an hour) and do a little hike/walk in a cool area called Herron Park. It was a beautiful, sunny day and we walked up a trail to a ridge with a great view. It was only about a 45 min hike up, but getting outside was great.

The girls before we started. Is it me, or does Kera look sorta like a hippy in this picture?

The hike started in a flat area that had all these cool horsey jumps.


Lindzers and Me


A little view of the Mission Mountains (I think)

Taking a breather (the eldest child started to whine a bit at this point)

Resting at our destination

You can kinda see the snowy mountains way in the background


Erik and Me doing our traditional self portrait

Lindzers and her Papa walking down. It sure warms my heart that she's still affectionate and will hold hands with us. PS Yes I braided her hair.

My man

After our hike we got some coffee, hit McDonald's for a snack of hamburgers and fries (horrible, I know) and then spent some time at a huge sporting good store in town that is really cool. 

We were all tired when we got back, it was a very full and fun day.

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