Friday, April 6, 2012

Fun at the Ranch

We are on spring break this week, which is why you haven't heard much from me. I've been too busy having fun, quality time with my hubby, kids and in-laws. The girls and I have been here since Monday, and Erik has joined us when work has allowed him. Here is Big Arm, which is a tiny town on the western side of Flathead Lake, north of Missoula. The weather has been typical for Montana spring. We've had sun, snow, rain and a little wind. 

Yesterday we spent some time at a ranch run by some friends of my inlaws. They have a cow that had twins, but she was too young to be able to care for both, so they are bottle feeding one. Scarlet, the little red calf, was our main reason for the trek out to the ranch, but turns out there was much more that we enjoyed.

The girls petting little Scarlet

The girls w/ Jane (Scarlet's owner), Scarlet and Sophia (the dog)

Sage (another dog), Scarlet and the girls. 

The dogs were another enjoyable part for the girls. They were so friendly and loving of attention. Here's Kera and Sage.

Following Scarlet around her corral

There were horses, too. This one was Puzzle. She was pretty curious, sniffing and looking at the girls. It was pretty cute.

We also got to hang out and feed some chickens, but I forgot to take pictures of that. It was a fun day spent at the ranch, which sort of renewed that desire in me to get out of town and get some land of our own. 


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