Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Another round of lotion and lip balm

I finally scraped the bottom of my first/last batch of of lotion, which meant it was time to try another batch. I decided to try this recipe for homemade moisturizer lotion. It seemed like having both things the same temp before mixing would help with the lack of incorporation I was experiencing before.

Instead of using plain ol' filtered water, I decided to make some chamomile water. I'd ordered some dried chamomile from Mountain Rose Herbs a while back to try my hand at a chamomile tincture and have a whole bunch left. So, I boiled some water (about 2 cups) and once it was boiling, I added 4 Tbsp of the chamomile, then removed the pan from the heat. I stirred it a bit and let it sit. After it was a bit cooler, I used some cheesecloth to strain the dried herbs from the water. That was the water I used in the lotion recipe. I actually made WAY more than I needed, oh well!

So, how did the lotion work? I think okay. It didn't blend as long as the recipe stated, it just got really thick in the blender (or maybe my blender is a poc). So I spooned it out into a jar. It smells good, I'll let you know if it separates or how it feels when I lotion up next.

Shampoo ingredients (unpictured is coconut milk)
Next on my agenda was homemade natural shampoo. I used this recipe from the Wellness Mama. I've actually tried it before, and added the extra oil at the end. Turns out I don't need extra oil and my hair was a grease pit after using that. So, I made a new batch w/o the extra oil. I'll let you know how it works!

I used an old empty shampoo container for my homemade one!

Next, I had to try a new lip balm recipe, this time without the honey. I didn't like how that didn't incorporate before, so I Googled another lip balm recipe and found this one. They are still currently in the process of firming up/cooling, but so far so good. I'll keep ya posted on how they work, but I think they'll be just fine! :)

Have you made the plunge into any homemade beauty products? 

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  1. I'm making eye makeup remover and I love it. I never bought it before because it was on the pricier side and then it always left the area around my eyes greasy. Love my homemade stuff, and it's just pennies!


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