Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One Mile for Time

As I've mentioned before, I'm a member over at Everyday Paleo Lifestyle & Fitness:

That's where I lift heavy things and put them down. Oh, and sometimes I run a little. Sometimes my warm up includes a whole 400 m run, and once in a while the metcon portion will feature sprints of either 200m or 400m. But the other day the metcon consisted of running one mile for time. I honestly can't remember the last time I ran a mile or more. The half-marathon maybe? Anyway, I was excited to do this workout for several reasons.

1. I still sorta like to run.
2. Since I haven't run for so long I was interested to see how I did on it, you know see how fit I feel from "just" doing weights and metcons.
3. Running is much more enjoyable than burpees or pushups.

So, I did my warmup and heavy lift portion (Bench press that day, 90# of 1RM 3x5) and then I popped in my earbuds for the first time in a long time, cranked the volume on my mp3 and hit the 'mill and ran my mile. I bumped up the speed a few times because I figured it's only 1 mile and I was doing it for time, I wanted my time to be good. It was definitely a workout and when I was done I had to catch my breath for a few moments. I also decided I need some new music on my mp3. But, overall, I was thrilled with the whole thing. My time, you wonder?

8.54 minutes

Just for comparison, my pace for the last couple of races I did (a 5k and the Half) were right around 11 min/mile. And, my "typical" pace for training runs would've been around 10 min/mile. That's a significant difference in time, at least for me, and I love it! I can hardly wait til the next "one mile for time" workout to see how I improve even more, because I have confidence I will. :)

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