Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lip Balm & Solid Hand Lotion

So, there's been some development in my no poo movement. (That sounds so wrong). First, is I finally ordered some metal tins so that I could whip up a batch of lip balm and some solid hand lotion!
I used the recipes here. Seemed pretty easy and I had all the ingredients on hand. I wanted some portable lotion for my purse, and well, the girls and I use a lot of chapstick/lip balm.

They turned out pretty good. The hand lotion is pretty greasy, but it does sink into my skin nicely. I threw one of the lip balms into my purse, and then when I went to use it the other day, I noticed some honey leaking out. So I'm not sure if that didn't incorporate all the way or if it got warm and then separated. That's been the only lip balm so far to do that, so I'm not entirely sure why. We'll keep using them and see how it goes.

The other newest beauty product for me to go no 'poo, is my facial care. I had planned on waiting until I'd used up all my Mary Kay stuff that I just bought, but I just got tired of my skin being dry and my eye-make up not coming off even w/ the fancy remover. So, I decided to start now

I followed the ideas that I found over at CaveGirlEats and here. What I'm basically doing is using the oil cleansing method (castor oil & sweet almond oil mix) twice a week at night. I'm moisturizing w/ jojoba oil when my skin feels tight. I'm using coconut oil to remove my eye makeup and cleanse on some of the days I don't do the oil mix. Other days I just use some lye soap. I've stopped cleansing in the morning, instead I just use a warm washcloth to wipe off my face and the sleep from my eyes. I've been doing this for almost 1 week and so far, so good. My skin feels great and I haven't had any breakouts. I've not quite figured out a good make up to use, I've been just putting a dot of concealer on spots that need it and covering it w/ some powder. My favorite foundation has been a tinted moisturizer from Mary Kay , but I hesitate to use that- I don't want to put a "poo" moisturizer on my skin after using all "no poo" things. So I'm still brainstorming/researching actual makeup w/ "no poo", but otherwise, I'm really liking this method so far!

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