Thursday, March 1, 2012

Homemade Shaving Cream

I can remember the first time I shaved my legs. I suds-ed up a bar of soap and used it, and that time as well as every time afterwards I would get little nicks and cuts. I didn't like that so then I started to use the foamy body wash. That worked better and I used it for years. The last few years, however, I finally started to purchase the shave cream in a can. You know the kind that comes out all foamy and soft? It worked like a charm and I finally stopped cutting myself. Or, you know, it could be because I've had like 20 years of experience in shaving my legs by this time. Oh well, all I knew is that it worked, so I used it.

But then I started to educate myself on what is actually in our beauty products and how you can make your own w/ more natural ingredients. And that's a great reason to switch to homemade, but I also have 2 more important reasons and their names are Lindsay & Kera. Yeah, my daughters who will both probably someday also be shaving their legs, using deodorant and all those other beauty products. I don't want to knowingly put chemicals into their bodies through a poor diet, so of course I don't want to put chemicals onto their bodies either.

So, their health is a big reason, but so is cost. Have any of you that have daughters thought about the expense associated with their increased use of beauty products? Seriously? When they are little, kids don't need more than baths a couple times a week--they might use a little shampoo, conditioner, some lotion and a comb. Pretty simplistic. But they will be teenagers some day and then their use of beauty products will dramatically increase. Think about it, in my house that means I'll not be purchasing stuff for me, but for the two of them too! That's a lot of health and beauty products, which can get pretty expensive. Making your own out of mostly natural products is way cheaper, and so yet another reason I'm switching us over.

My most recent switch was with shaving cream. Yes, I used up the last of my can o' cream and promptly whipped up a batch of homemade shaving cream.

I gathered my ingredients: almond oil, aloe vera gel, shea butter, castille soap, white kaolin cosmetic clay, vitamin e and baking soda. All available at your local health/grocery store or  Mountain Rose Herbs.

This was super easy--way easier than the lotion. Here's how it looks when the oil/butter has been heated and the rest is mixed in. 

Then I put it into containers. I really need to invest in a plastic container that will hold it all that will fit into my shower. I cringe to use glass in there and have it fall on a toe or worse, the tile. 

It turned out really cool--light and fluffy. I used it today for the first time to shave my winter legs. You and I both know that winter legs aren't shaved nearly as often as summer legs, so I put this cream to quite the test! It worked like a charm and my skin felt really hydrated afterwards. It was really luxurious, but it was kind of a pain to dig it out w/ my fingers. I think I'm going to find myself a foaming bottle and try out the foaming shave cream posted over at Wellness Mama. That would be way more convenient.

But, my can of foaming shave cream has officially been replaced, and that makes me happy! Next up for "the switch" is probably gonna be shampoo! I'm mentally preparing myself for some greasy hair days--should be interesting!

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