Thursday, January 19, 2012


It snowed all day yesterday. I shoveled like three different times. In the morning I shoveled near 4inches, then several hours later I shoveled another 4 inches. A couple hours after that I shoveled again and it was maybe 2 inches. I didn't shovel again that night, but we watched as the snow didn't let up and wondered if school would be cancelled today.
Woke up to a message that school would be delayed by 2 hours. So, I fed us and geared up to shovel. 

The back deck today. Remember the picture I posted yesterday? There's a ton more snow now.

Erik comes home from going out early to plow out the store and he tells us about how folks were getting stuck driving around on the main roads still and there's no way my car is leaving the garage today. To shovel the snow in the driveway and street seems like an enourmous task.

The kids' play fort. 

Thankfully, as I'm shoveling and haven't gotten very far, my neighbor lets me know that school has now been cancelled. It's a snow day, hooray! 

The sidewalk I had to shovel. The snow was too deep to push, I had to actually lift shovels full of snow up and out.

The sidewalk right off the front porch. After I shoveled it was surrounded by snow walls.

Erik said the snowmobiling would be epic today. He was driving his snowmobile around on the street before his buddy came to pick him up. Anyone familiar with sleds will know that there has to be a bit of snow to be able to ride.

He was loving it.

The neighborhood behind us. Snow, snow, everywhere snow.

Shoveling the back deck. 

Walking the girls home from a friends' house, we passed this fire hydrant. That's a lot of snow on top of it. Perspective, Lindsay is 4'5" tall.

I'm tired of shoveling. I'm ready for spring. 

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