Monday, January 16, 2012

Jack Jones and Pirate Curse

The following is a book review done by my 9 year old, Lindsay. I asked her if she'd ever like to do a book review blog entry. She said yes and decided to start with this book. I'm not going to edit it in any way, so what follows is her own thoughts and typing, pecked out using her pointer fingers. :)

THIS IS A GOOD BOOK. I suggest this book to read. It is exiting, captivating, breathtaking, and just a really good book. My favorite part is when Jack, the boy that has the curse, gets magically transported to a desert island. The reason he has the curse is, a LONG time ago, like, a thousand years ago, jack's great-great-many-times-great-grandfather and 3 other pirates and a crew steal treasure and split it with the crew. The first pirate was, Hellfire drake,Tortuga Anna, and Captain Kelso.  The crew buried their fair share of the treasure. Surprisingly, a raid of american soldiers attack the pirates.It took a ton of soldiers to capture the three pirates.while they were fighting, jack's grandfather dug up the treasures, stole them and rowed away in a rowboat. Now, there's angry dead pirates chasing him for the rest of his days. but, there is a secret to it all. can jack stop the curse? this book is 166 pages. if you read this book i hope you like it.

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