Friday, January 27, 2012

Bumping it Up

I worked out today, and although I thought it would kill me, it seems I am still alive.
I had some one-on-one time with the floor afterwards, but I made it through the whole shebang.

My heavy lift today was squat. Since I don't have the correct squat rack for back squats, I do goblet squats instead. Last time I did them, I got in 3 sets of 5 at 40#. 

So, I started with that, which looks like this:

I pick up that puppy, hold it with both hands close to my body like a goblet, and squat. To put that into perspective, Kera weighs about 40#.

So, after warming up with a smaller dumbbell, I used the 40. 

Three reps=cake (Paleo cake of course) so I did what any self-respecting heavy-lifting gal would do, and I bumped it up.

How about 45#??

Which looks like that. 

So, could I do the three reps with that much weight?

You betcha. It wasn't quite cake, but it was awesome. 

After that I did burpees til I screamed and fell on the floor for a while. Even after a post-workout snack I was exhausted and feeling like I should take a nap--the workout exhausted me that much, but now that I've eaten an additional four slices of bacon (while prepping it for a salad) I feel like a new woman!

I seriously cannot wait til my one rep max workouts, they are coming up soon! 

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