Monday, December 12, 2011

Goal #26 -- Completed!

26. Buy coffee for someone behind me in line randomly at a coffee place.

I ran the girls to school today because they both had extra stuff to carry that I didnt' want them on the bus with.  Kera had some cookies, which probably would've been fine on the bus, but Lindsay had her diorama for a book report this month and I wanted that baby to get to school safely after all the blood, sweat and tears that we both put into it. So, I drove them and then afterwards made a quick run to the store to get groceries. I love grocery shopping early in the morning--the store is like a library it's so quiet! But anyways, since I'd not had all my morning coffee yet by that time, I decided to stop on by Starbucks. I had a gift card from my birthday burning a hole in my pocket and I needed my caffeine fix. 

Once in line I had a revelation. I could use my gift card to not only pay for my americano but I could also pay for the person behind me! I knew I had made the goal to do this randomly, so what better time then now in the season of giving! I looked in my rear view mirror and saw only one person in the vehicle but still asked the barista if it was only one drink because what if they were buying coffee for their whole office?! I knew my gift card wouldn't go that far. It was only one drink, but even combined with mine I had to shell out a couple dollars to cover the total. (Coffee is expensive, no wonder I make it at home usually!) 

But that's okay. I kept thinking how excited they'd be to pull up to get their coffee and not have to pay for it. I know that would totally make my day, so I hope it made theirs! And I'm excited to have completed one of my goals even during this crazy, hectic, busy, chaotic time of year.

How about you? Ever randomly buy some one's coffee? Ever had someone do it for you?

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