Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Baking, Paleo Style

I've made some noise about Christmas baking, and I can safely say that I'm officially done. I love baking, but I'm kind of relieved because I've felt pretty overwhelmed this year with all things Christmas and that will be just one less thing on my plate. (plate, ha ha)

In an attempt to be as healthy as possible, I did my holiday baking differently this year. First, I planned all paleo-ish recipes. I scoured all my favorite paleo/primal cookbooks and websites to compile a list of goodies that would be appealing or that I wanted to make. Then, I planned on giving away a huge majority of it. A dozen cookies for this party, two dozen for that party, plates for neighbors, plates for friends and we're left with just a smidgen of our favorite to partake in. That way, we get a taste of it but we're not gorging on sweets, because even if it's "paleo" (and I use that term loosely for these treats) they are still meant to be treats not a regularly occurring part of ones' daily food intake.

So here's what I made....

YUMMY! I loved these, but the kids not so much. I think the coconut and macadamia nuts give it more of an adult taste. 

Both Erik and I really liked these. I don't recall if the girls even tried them. I loved the flavor of orange with chocolate, kind of reminded me of those chocolate oranges around at this time of year.

Pistachio Bark courtesy of the Food Lover's Primal Palate cookbook, "Make it Paleo."
This is one of my favorites. It is so easy and the taste of pistachio with dark chocolate is so good!

Paleo Parents: Snickerdoodles
Seriously YUMMY. Everyone loved these and I must confess to eating several right out of the oven. In fact, I made these for a party at school where I needed 2 dozen cookies. As soon as we tasted them I knew I'd have to make more because 2 dozen were not going to make it to school!

I liked these, they were a great twist on the peanut butter cookie of yore. Unfortunately my family has an aversion to almond butter and is still in love with peanut butter so they didn't like these as much as I did.

These were tasty and I liked the variety of them. Kera didn't like them but Lindsay did. I think they look cute in the little cups, too!

I made up a recipe too! Stay tuned and I'll share it with ya....
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles
One word: YUM.

These definitely reminded me of caramel! Unfortunately I think I did something wrong and they just never "set up" so I didn't end up giving any away--they are extremely messy to eat. Taste good though!

Then we made Gingerbread cookies, again from the Food Lovers' Primal Palate.
We did use their Cinnamon Frosting to top them with as well along with some craisins, raisins, chocolate chips and sprinkles. They were fun to make with the girls and super tasty too!

I am excited to give our goodie plates out to our neighbors, we'll finish up this week.

Have you made any goodies this season? If so, were they healthier versions of the regular? What's your favorite cookie?

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