Thursday, September 8, 2011

Random Ketchup

"Peter Pan" squash I got on our last trip to the Farmer's Market. It cooked up just like regular ol' zucchini. It was tasty! I only made it to the market a couple of times this summer, but each time I got some wonderful goodies. If only I remembered to take more pictures of it all!

The girls started school almost 2 weeks ago. Lindsay is a 4th grader. How can that be? I vividly remember my own 4th grade year, how is it that I can have a child that old?

Aren't they cute? I just love them to pieces. Sidenote, Lindsay is getting TALL!

Kera was literally counting down the days until she started 2nd grade. She knew her best friends would be in class with her and that she'd gotten one of the teachers she really wanted. She absolutely loves school.

This guy has been hanging out around our little cul de sac quite a bit lately. Unfortunately he doesn't spook very easy. I came out of the house twice to see him, then take his picture. He didn't budge.

Until I stood there a while, then he slowly got up

and sauntered away. 

The girls are having cold lunch all but one day each week, so I thought it would be good to start taking some pictures of what constitutes a lunch for them now. Maybe it will help you other moms get some healthy ideas.
This was Lindsay's lunch the other day, clockwise from upper left is carrots/celery/snap peas, dilly beans, banana, juice, salsa, full fat yogurt, m&m's, corn chips, leftover steak and a babybel. 

Kera's lunch on the same day: Juice, chips, veggies, m&m's, homemade larabar mix, coleslaw, apple, cheese & turkey, dilly beans.

Just so ya know, m&m's are not typically part of lunch, it was a little treat! They do have sugar and colorings, but at least they are gluten free.

Speaking of colorings....I got my hair did.

It's hard to tell, but I got a red tint to my typical darker color for fall/winter.

I love the color.

Ah, pictures don't really do it justice. Oh well!

And that was my random ketchup.hee hee.
What have you been up to?

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