Saturday, September 24, 2011


Lunches from this past week. I didn't take pictures everyday, I forgot. Let's just say it's been a busy week!

Lindsay's lunch clockwise: Chef salad (lettuce, tomatoes, ham, shredded cheese) which we topped with homemade Italian dressing in the morning right before she left, Primal Pumpkin bread with butter (post to come later) and corn chip crumbs with salsa.

Kera's Lunch clockwise: Corn chips; cuke, tom & olives; strawberries, turkey rolled around cheese.

Lindsay's: Chips; strawberries; cuke/olive/tom; turkey rolled around cheese. Also there is a fruit leather stuck in the left side and a babybel on the right.

Kera's: Paleo bread PB&J; a babybel cut to look like a monster & some turkey; strawberries; cucumbers and   cherry tomatoes with homemade ranch to dip.

Kera's Clockwise: snap pea crisps, paleo pumpkin bread and a homemade larabar; trail mix with dried cherries and some homemade larabars that wouldnt' stick together; strawberries and tomatoes; ham rolled around some mayonnaise and shredded cheese.

I do have some more interesting posts in the works, but I need a few minutes to actually get them out. Stay tuned, I should have time this weekend! :-)

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  1. Looks yummy! I was sick this past week so my kids bought lunch every day. Gasp! I know. I hope to be back on the bandwagon next week.


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