Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weekend in Big Arm

Did you know Montana has a Big Arm? It sure does. It's actually a teeny, tiny "town" (more or less just a post office) on a bay of the same name of Flathead Lake. It's north of us an hour or so and my in-laws live there. Since the weather for Memorial Day weekend was suppose to be so crummy, we decided we'd go hang out in with them in lieu of going camping.

We didn't do much up there. One day was filled with lounging around house, the girls playing, some of us napping, reading, cooking & eating. At one point the girls asked to use my phone or camera to take a picture of something they'd built with blocks. These are what I found on my camera later on:
Is that Paul Bunyan?

And a giant M&M on the left?

Ooh, a self portrait.

and a weird face

I do remember Lindsay asking if she could take my picture. She does a pretty good job--if you ignore the fact that I have no make-up on and haven't done my hair.

The next day we drove up to Big Fork, a larger town a bit further north up the lake, where some kayakers were doing some competition. It was a very rainy day and so after a late lunch, Erik, the girls and I ended up not "hiking" up to see the kayakers while his folks did. We walk around the shops and look at art. Big Fork has a ton of shops, art galleries and eating places--it's actually really quaint and we really enjoyed our time there.

Our late lunch was actually quite late, so by the time we were sitting in the cafe waiting for our food to be delivered, the girls were sugar crashing and being slapstick. Yes, sugar crashing because trying to limit their bread/sugar/gluten intake while at my in-laws is next to impossible. Although, at one point Kera had a bellyache and I explained to her it was probably because she'd eaten all this bread after her body had gotten use to not eating very much of it. I think that was eye-opening to her. Next time we go up there, I'm definitely going to do some things differently to help the girls do better.

Here is some of the slapstick behavior I captured.

We came home on Sunday and got some things done around the house, went to church and then Monday we just kind of hung out at home again. It was very nice and relaxing. We're down to the last few days of school for the year (actually 7.5, but who's counting?) and so I'm gearing up for summer with the girls. I can't wait to do tons of fun things with them and to be free of the school schedule that I'm so burnt out on! Now if only the weather would cooperate and start acting more springlike!

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