Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hiking the "L" (again!)

 This time we hiked it with our good buddies, Yvonne & Becca and their children. Becca also watched a baby boy of another friend of ours during the week, so in all we had nine children in all and we each wore one in a backpack on our backs.

It was actually perfect to have all those kids. They stayed ahead of us the entire way up the trail and we didn't hear one whine or complaint.

All three little guys were pretty happy at first, too.

Here they are, trekking along ahead of us.

We saw lots of pretty flowers this time, some that weren't in bloom last week on the hike.

At a few points the kids would stop and rest, but as we got closer to them, they took off ahead of us again.

My town

Me and little Kellen. He did so good, didn't cry or fuss at all. He actually seemed to just be taking it all in while we hiked.

Us at the top.
Sidenote: I look like I'm squatting to take a dump. I wasn't. For some reason I thought I needed to kneel to be in the picture since I was the only one standing, I guess I didn't realize how far out the guy was who took the picture. I would've been fine to stand.

Once we got to the top, we had a snack before heading back down. It was pretty windy and cool up there at the top so I let baby Ethan use my sweatshirt.

Once he was warm, he fell asleep on the way down the trail. It was hilarious how far over his head was hanging, but he didn't wake up. Yvonne and I were really slow on the way down, the kids and Becca got quite a ways ahead of us, but we didn't want to fall and our legs were so tired. Hiking with a kid on your back and the added 20-30lbs really changes hiking--my legs felt like jello.

On the way down, Yvonne and I saw these beauties....
Bitterroot flowers! 
My favorite!!

I think these things are so pretty. I'm glad her and I were taking our time behind everyone, I probably wouldn't have noticed them had we been with the kids.

See that pink bunch in the lower right hand corner?

Another one.

Then, we saw the sheep. No sheepdogs this time, though, much to the disappointment of the girls.

The kids all waiting for us to finish. 

We all had a great time, hope we do it again. Well, the hiking part, maybe not the L. I think we need to give the kids some variety!

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