Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Paleo, Three Months! (Part 2)

I almost didn't blog this, but I said I would, so here I am.

The scale wasn't as exciting this morning as I anticipated it to be. 
I only lost 1 lb and none of my measurements changed.
I thought for sure I had lost more, but oh well. 

I'm not getting too upset about it because I continue to feel good and that's been my focus anyways. So I'll keep chugging away, eating real, healthy foods and working out.

I do have a few ideas that will probably help with the weight loss, though.

I need to limit my fruit intake. I've been eating quite a bit of it (darn you, Larabars) lately and probably don't need that much.
Also, the occasional treats need to become just that, occasional. No one in my house needs ice cream every night  whether it's homemade or not. 
I need to cut down on my coffee intake. This may or may not have anything to do with my weight, but I just feel like I've been drinking too much of it lately. 

That's all. No real biggies, which is the beauty of eating this way. It should only take a tweak or two!

In other news, my flower bed is finally beginning to bloom!

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