Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Paleo Eats (Thirteen Weeks)

Our Menu for this past week included:

Primal Tex-Mex Tortillas with Taco Meat

These were tasty and would totally fit the bill if you were craving tortillas. Personally, I like my taco meat on a huge bed of lettuce or lettuce cup, but these were nice to mix it up a bit.

I ended up with a couple of really brown bananas this past week, which stumped me at first. Banana bread has always been my "go to" use for over ripe bananas, but would I find a decent paleo/primal recipe for it? Sure enough, I did! Over at Elana's Pantry.

It was super tasty, especially topped with some almond butter. 

Lindsay requested lasagna for her birthday dinner, and since my extended family was coming over for it, I decided to make two lasagnas. One would be "normal" and the other, Paleo. Everyone ended up trying the paleo one, and they all really liked it. It is definitely something I will be making again.The zucchini in place of noodles just really adds a nice touch to it, I think. And the spice combination really gives it a kick that is super tasty.

I finally got to the Farmer's Market this past weekend, even though it's been happening on Saturday's for a couple weeks. I have always liked this Farmer's Market, but now I love it even more. What's better than fresh, local produce!? (Not much!) Me and the girls grabbed some coffee (well, they had steamers) and mosied over to the fish sculptures to wait for my folks to show up. It was also chilly in the shade and the girls didn't bring their sweatshirts--they think it's summer already.

At least Lindz had her hat....

Once my folks arrived, we wandered the rows and came upon the local Library's Bookmobile, where the girls proceeded to spend the rest of the time browsing the books. It was perfect, I finished my rounds and gathered up a bagful of greens and some fresh salsa while they read. Then, when I was done, I helped them check the books out and they have the start of their summer reading supplies already. 

One of the things I picked up was a bunch of rainbow chard. I've tried cooking chard before without much luck, so this time I was determined to find a good recipe for them. I searched all the paleo/primal food blogs I follow and found one that looked not only tasty, but easy. I whipped it up for the girls and I for dinner last night:

"Not-So-Boring Chicken Stir Fry" from Sarah over at Everyday Paleo.

The verdict? Kera ate the chicken only, but that doesn't surprise any of us, does it? Lindsay and I loved it, she went back for seconds, twice and I admit I had a little extra serving, too. The mixture of flavors in this dish really enhances it and the chard was great in it. This will be my go-to chard recipe, for sure.

I was so focused on birthday party stuff this past week that I forgot to take more food pictures, but we also enjoyed Spicy Rub Chicken (which I love because its an easy crock pot recipe), used the leftovers from that the next night to make "Sandwiches", which were YUM. And the day of Lindsay's party, I threw some Scrumptious SlowCooker Chicken in the crock pot in the morning so I wouldn't have to do any work after the party to feed my family. It was pretty tasty, too!

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