Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Paleo Eats (Fourteen Weeks)

Some of the goodies I cooked and fed my family this past week include:

The meat is cooked all day in the crock pot which smells just divine.
The cole slaw part is almost just like my favorite slaw salad.
Put it together in a crisp lettuce cup and you have "almost heaven" in a cup.
We all loved this recipe. I will be making it again!

Along with the thai beef wraps, I whipped up a dish of Asian Cauliflower Fried Rice.
It was gobbled up as well. I loved the flavors in this and the cauliflower is so mild it just takes on the Asian flair. It really was like eating fried rice. 

Also from nom nom paleo,  I tried something new for breakfast, Egg Foo Young-ish "Pancakes".
These were tasty. I'm not a huge ham fan, but in this combination I liked it, sorta. I like the portability of it and the spinach. Lindsay ate these easily, as did Erik, but Kera, not so much. (Surprise, surprise)

In an effort to give her a breakfast option besides eggs, which she'll gobble up sometimes by the threes, I tried serving her some turkey lunch meat. (See the half eaten egg foo young-ish pancake on her fishy plate?) Even that she didn't like. (Although she'll eat it at lunch time)

Another breakfast food option I tried this past week was "Fauxtmeal". Which was sort of like oatmeal but made out of almond meal and egg (and some other ingredients). You bake it and then crumble up with a spoon, add berries and coconut milk and it's imitation oatmeal. I thought it was very tasty, as did Lindsay, but it's a bit too "carby" for my regular breakfast. Unfortunately, Kera didn't like this either. That girl is really tough to please in the morning, I tell ya. I guess I'll just keep serving her fried eggs. *sigh*

As much as I complain about Kera's lack of adventurous taste buds, I have to give her credit for lunches. I don't pack them everyday, but when I do, I have her help me. I figure she'll more likely eat something she's picked out than I just threw together for her. This day she had some leftover Thai beef  in a lettuce cup, some dried pears, an apple pie Lara bar and a berry/banana coconut milk smoothie in the Nalgene bottle. I also threw in a few dark chocolate nibs, too. She ate everything but the larabar and lettuce. Yes, she ate the Thai beef cold. I loved putting the smoothie in the bottle because it didn't leak and fit in her lunch box, plus it gives her some healthy fats and a little more protein if I use some protein powder. I need another spill proof bottle so both girls can bring smoothies for lunch next year. My goal is to have them as close as possible to 99% paleo by the time school starts next fall, which means cold lunches most days!

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