Saturday, May 21, 2011

Birthday Recap

The cake pops were complete hits--both the gluten free and the "regular" ones. 

Here we are sampling them the night before Lindsay's birthday.

The morning of May 20th. Lindsay opens her gifts from Kera, us and Bob. Kera spent all of her own allowance on a "Groovy" girl for Lindsay.

Mom and Dad got her a MP3 player.

She got the book "The Secret Garden" from our dear friend Bob, across the pond.

Friday evening we celebrated with my family. The thing about cake pops....candle don't go in them very well, so we improvised with the ice cream. 

Saturday she had a few friends over for a party. She didn't want any specific theme, just wanted to play games and have cake/ice cream. One of the activities she chose was to make things out of clay. So I got some air dry stuff so the kids all had a cool thing to take home with them.

Trying to decide what to make...

Another activity: Scavenger hunt. Split the kids into 2 teams, gave them a list and sent them out. Kera's team ended up winning.

But I actually gave everyone "prizes" which were just tattoos. I'm sure their parents will love me for that, but it seemed the lesser of cheapness when thinking about typical "prizes" for parties.

More ice cream and singing. Skipped the candles this time!

Present time. 

listening to the giant shell she got from her Grandma and Papa.

Playing "hot potato" outside.

And Simon Says. 

The weather was beautiful so we did a lot of outside games, as well as a few inside ones like Pin the Dot on the Ladybug, Who am I and Guess How Many Dots are in the Jar. It was fun, Lindsay enjoyed it and it was mostly easy for me to throw together.I think this may be her last year for a friend party though, they are tiring! I'd almost rather just take her and a friend to the movies or something!

Kera's birthday is next month, but the cool thing about that is she usually just has a outside water party and I don't really have to plan anything. We might even go to a park this time so I don't have to deal with it at my house! We'll see.

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