Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sacramento Zoo

 While on our spring break vacation, we spent another couple hours in the car and made the trek over to Sacramento to take the kiddos to the zoo.
Kera, Cousin Sawyer and Lindsay look at the flamingos

Cousins being cute together

More flamingos

These flowers were growing naturally outside. I was impressed since we have one in our living room. It would never survive outside at home.

Uncle Erik shared his candy corn and the kids couldn't just eat it.

I think the girls are looking at one of the big cats here.

Self portrait, woohoo. Check out the random guy on the right. He sorta looks like he's picking his nose....

Love the giraffes...

More cousin cuteness. I can't get enough of it. They got along pretty well and had so much fun together.

There was a cool metal statue of the giraffe. 


Kera's knees were hurting in this last picture, thus her expression. And Sawyer almost wasn't tall enough to reach the higher hole!

We had a good time at the zoo and it was cool seeing all the different animals. The best part was the weather. It was so beautiful in California--like paradise. They are so far ahead of us on "spring", it was nice to feel the sunshine and see all the blooming flowers & trees.

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