Monday, April 11, 2011

Becoming Friends with the Tooth Fairy

The other day, before we left on our trip, Kera came to us and asked if we could tie a string to her very loose tooth. She wanted it out. I don't blame her. It was super loose but just hanging on, if ya know what I mean.
So Erik tied a piece of floss to the tooth. 
Kera pulled and off slid the floss.

So he re-tied it into a loop.

And secured it better around the tooth.

It took a couple tries, actually. Teeth are rather slippery.

Finally getting it tight enough to stay.

Once the floss was secure, Kera began to tug on it.
Lightly at first...

Getting a little tougher with each tug, when all of a sudden it came out and we heard a "pink" as it flew across the table and hit the window.
Unfortunately I didn't get it on film, but it was hilarious. Once she realized it was out, we heard, "Where's my tooth?"

So happy to have an even larger hole in her mouth!

The flying tooth

Rinsing out the yucky blood.

So happy!

If you are keeping track, that's two visits from the Tooth Fairy for Kera in the past few weeks, and one for Lindsay. I didn't even know she had a loose tooth until she came home from school one day and showed it off to me. Isn't it funny how when they've lost a few it's not as big of a deal? Anyway, Lindz has another loose one and I'm sure Kera will lose her top front teeth soon, so seems like we'll be seeing a lot of the Tooth Fairy here for a while.


  1. Wow! I don't know how I am going to handle loose teeth. I'm so squeemish about that kind of stuff! Way to go Kera!!!

  2. Sounds just like life here at my house. Teeth are flying out faster and faster around here than at a hockey game! Hope the tooth fairy has lots of cash!


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