Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Paleo, Week 5 and other Randomness

Made some tasty recipes this past week....

Marvelous Meatballs (in the crock pot, woohoo). 
Were so tasty and was pretty large batch so we ended up with lunch for the next couple of days. These were super tasty with those pureed cauliflower that I posted a week or so back. 

I also threw together some sweet potato fries to go with it, seasoned with oregano, basil and some garlic powder. They were a hit with the kids who didn't like the spicier ones I made before.

Also, made my version of Garbage Soup.
Which is just a tasty way of using up veggies, and it was tasty. Even Kera ate it, which is saying a lot!

I was slacking majorly on the picture taking this week. Sorry! We had some other tasty dinners too, including:

Sun Dried Tomato Chicken Bake served w/ Brussels Sprouts. I loved the whole dish, the girls didn't enjoy the brussels sprouts or the sun dried tomatoes, and Erik liked it all too. I decided I really like brussel sprouts, though!

Last night I threw together some Caribbean Seafood Stew using shrimp and calamari steaks cut up.It tasted great, although next time I'll use all shrimp as my family wasn't a huge fan of the calamari's consistency. Oh well!

I also tried my hand at making some homemade beef jerky with marginal results. It tastes pretty gamey so I'm the only one eating it, which defeats the purpose. I'll try again another time, probably.

I also had a few nights where I ate pretty non-paleo due to various reasons. It was kind of interesting, we had homemade pizza one night and it just didn't taste as wonderful as I remember. And I didn't feel too great afterwards or the next day. Another interesting thing is that Erik even said he's looking forward to getting "back to the caveman diet" after our weekend of indulgence. That's super encouraging to hear! :-) So, we're back on the bandwagon now. We're headed to visit his family for spring break on Friday, so I hope I can make do while there--being at the mercies of someone else's cooking is always tricky! I loaded up on some healthy fillers like nuts, dried fruit and larabars, so I know I won't starve! I'll probably also offer to do some cooking and grocery getting to ensure our meals stay as close to paleo as possible. 

I'm going to the Bone&Joint clinic today because I have had this weird random pain in my heel and I'm really hoping it's nothing serious and that I can continue half-marathon training as normal! *Crossing my fingers*

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