Friday, March 25, 2011

No Frills

I wrote this poem way back in 1997 in a Poetry & Drama Creative Writing class I took. This was the class that helped me decide to change my major from the very practical "Social Work"  to the less practical "English". I loved that class and I loved studying English way more than Social Work. I'm so grateful to this day that I changed my major!

This poem is probably one of my favorites, hope you enjoy it too! :-)

No Frills

There was no Elvis in long satin pants
or "Deluxe Package including rings" for $29.95,
there was only him and her and Judge McLean.
She wore her faded pink church dress with
a white sash to cover the tightness in the middle.
He wore his confirmation suit with
his bony wrists growing out from the frayed cuffs.
He held tightly to the small satin-covered box
which held three paychecks in a plain golden band.
With a few short words and a downward glance--
Judge McLean pronounced them and sent them out the door.
He led her to his grey rusting Ford pick-up
and helped her in. Sputtering to life,
the pick-up pulled out and disappeared down Highway 10.

-By Kendra Maurer


  1. I remember when you wrote this. Wow, bringin' back the memories, Ken!

  2. Yeah, it does bring back the memories! :-)


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