Monday, February 7, 2011

A few good reads

Wow. It's amazing how quickly life can get rolling again after a break/vacation. I honestly don't know what happened to the past week since my last blog post. Nothing exciting, just life as normal with all the usual activities with a few catch-up duties thrown in for good measure. It feel good to jump back into things after having a break, even if I do sort of miss reading all day long!

Speaking of reading, I have done a lot lately. Actually, since Christmas, which is when I got my wonderful Kindle, I have read 17 books. Or right around there. All on my Kindle. And although I still like a real paperback book (especially in the bath, I don't trust myself enough to try the Kindle in there! Yikes!) I'm quickly falling in love with having everything right at my fingertips. I've already raved about how convenient it was for traveling, lightweight and more than enough books to choose from. I love it.

So, I thought I would share a few of the books I've read in the past couple months with you. It will be a nice change from cooking, don'tcha think?

Run Like a Mother:How to Get Moving--and Not lose your family, Job or Sanity
This was a good one--written by two Moms who run. It was inspiring, funny and a great read of you are, or want to be, a runner.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks:Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl
I don't recommend using the Kindle for cookbooks, since the pictures aren't in color. This is a great cookbook, I've already made several things from it and everyone has loved them.

Witch & Wizard:The Gift by James Patterson
I'm a sucker for pretty much anything written by James Patterson, but especially his novels for younger readers. They keep me on the edge of my seat, for sure. Lindsay read a portion of this and was hooked so I need to get her the first in the series so she can read them in order.

Divanomics by Michelle Hammond
This was free. I love how Amazon offers some of the kindle books for free. This was an interesting read with some great tips for saving money.

Room:A Novel  by Emma Donoghue
This book made me think and also I just wanted to keep reading it to find out how it ended. Very interesting and extremely well written.

The 9th Judgement by James Patterson
Women who save the day, what more can I say? I love a good heroine, and these books have four!

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks
Nicholas Sparks is seriously one of the best romance writers, ever. This was a great one. I really enjoyed it.

House Rules by Jodi Picoult
Jodi Picoult is always tackling current issues in her novels in a way that truly brings it home. As usual, its set in a court room, but this time the defendant is a boy with Asperger's. I found this one very interesting and made me grateful for the health of my own kiddos.

The Hunger Games; Catching Fire; Mockingjay by Susanne Collins
I seriously devoured this series. The main character is a girl-Score. It's set in the future and sort of sci-fi-Score. It's got action and suspense and a little romance thrown in-Score. It's a great series and after I was done, I had to google it to find out if there was a movie in the works (sometimes a book/series just needs to be made into a movie) and was pleased to see there is! :-)

The Centurion's Wife by Janette Oke
A great historical fiction novel about two characters struggling to find the truth in the times just after Jesus' crucifixion.

Made to Crave: Satisfying Your Deepest Desire with God, Not Food by Lysa Terkeurst
One of the best books I've ever read about "dieting". I will share more about this one later, for sure!

How about you? What have you read lately?


  1. Hey, Ken! If you want some more, I just finished Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. Sooooo awesome! And the Ranger's Apprentic series is really good too! Love you!

  2. I am only on Chapter 2 of Made to Crave. I love it!


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