Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dog Poop & AirBenders

Anyone who has spent time in our home or around our family knows that "potty humor" is nowhere near off-limits for us. My girls are not growing up like typical little girls in that sense--they can burp and fart with the best of them and will gladly boast about it, at least around us. I'd like to hope that they are a little more private about it at school.
We had a couple of friends, young college aged men, over for dinner the other night and the conversation turned to which movie the girls would like to watch. They are currently on a Netflix kick in which they are working their way through all the episodes of the cartoon, "Avatar:The Last Airbender." It is actually a cute show, and so when I heard there was a  real-person movie on DVD about it, I ordered it. It came in the mail on the same day these guys were over for dinner, so of course it was all the girls were talking about--watching "The Last Airbender."
Erik, while standing at the sink doing the dishes because he's a great hubby like that, says, "Your daddy can bend air." (For those of you out of the loop on my husband's sense of humor, he was referring to farting, which he is quite good at. Can you see where the girls have gotten their sense of humor regarding bodily functions?)
And of course, jokes about "bending air" follow in quick succession from both the girls and Erik.
Our guests just laugh and shake their head, making a comment on, "Wow, what are your girls going to be like when they are our age? I can just imagine how interesting those dates would be!"
Um, I guess they have a point there. Might have to work on that one.

I do have a confession, though. I might be contributing to their sense of humor as well. Although I am usually the "mom who calls for everyone to 'knock-it-off'", I do have some funniness in me. The other day we made our gingerbread house, which is a whole story in and of itself. After the last experience with a gingerbread house that would NOT stay together despite every trick in the book and many tears on my part, I surprised myself when I picked up a kit at the grocery store this year. I was even more surprised when I found the company that put this one together knew a few things about what they were doing. Genius--a base with holes for the front, back and sides of the house! It actually stayed upright and together without magic! I was thrilled.

We let it sit the allotted amount of time and then dug in to the decorations...both eating them and using them to prettify the house.
Somewhere along the line, we got the idea to use the mini chocolate chips that I dug out originally for snowmen eyes, for something a little more.....funnier.

And we'd decided the red fondant was weird to use for windows or doors, but it was so much like play dough I told the girls I could make a dog, to go with the....

mini-chocolate chip "Poops".

It is a totally CLASSIC (notice I did not say CLASSY) gingerbread house. One like we've never made before. I was so proud!

How bout you? Do you use/allow potty humor in your house? OR do you make a gingerbread house? If so, do you make one from scratch or use a kit?

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