Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A few thoughts...

It's a new month. Well, as of yesterday it's a new month. And I am grateful. Looking back on October, it felt very....blah. I can't really pinpoint a main reason or even a main thing, the whole thing just kind of weighed me down. Which is weird, usually its my favorite one, for several reasons. Not this year, however, and so I am extra grateful for November. There is just something about a fresh, clean start that really encourages me. Not that I don't have that option everyday, (Thanks to Jesus), but for some reason, when the calendar coincides with my renewed motivation, it just seems right.

And so I'm back on track, mostly. I finally feel healthy after that cold/flu thing I had, so I'm jumping right back into working out and let me just say, Jillian kicks my butt in a workout video pretty hard. I was sweating buckets yesterday after her Blast that Metabolism (or something like that) workout video. I can't even fathom what it would be like to workout with her in real life! Kind of makes me a little sympathetic to those Biggest Loser folks. (Which, by the way, I'm excited to watch tonight. that and Castle, which was on last night, are the only shows I'm really into this year.) Oh, sorry I digressed there, back to the subject at hand: Working out. And I went for a run outside today, which was awesome in the 50 degree air and light rain. It felt so good, too, for the first time no gimpiness anywhere, so I was thrilled. I love my runs outside because they help me think, too. I love that I live not quite in town and so I get to see more than just houses, it is refreshing to spend time in God's creation and helps remind me why we are all here, anyway.

I'm back on the eating wagon too. Actually, I've never left that wagon, in fact I've been really good at eating lately. What I mean is that I'm back to tracking all my calories. I've got a little over two months before Erik and I go to Mexico, and I want to make as much of a dent in my weight loss battle as possible before we go. I know I can't reach my goal, but any progress I make will be encouraging, so I'm trying to plan meals with more intention towards healthiness and log every single bite.

In other parts of my life, like my "job"  and my relationships, I'm trying get back into it as well. I've figured out a little better use of my calendar and time and planning and all that to try and make sure I'm doing more productive things before the lesser productive things. I tend to go all or nothing (ha ha, see a trend?!) as in I spend all day at home doing absolutely nothing, being by myself, or I'm out and about all day hanging out with friends and letting my laundry and dirty house pile up or, I'm so focused on cleaning and all those things that I don't do anything fun or hang out with anyone. Right now I'm working on balancing those things so that I get a little of each every day, but making sure to prioritize correctly. (i.e. my quiet times and workouts come before blogging, facebook or even scrapbooking.)

So, even though I'm working on quite a bit right now, it feels good. I feel refreshed and energized and motivated and I love it when those are the feelings coursing through my head and heart. How about you? Are you working on anything? Today is a new day, its as good a time as any to start something fresh and new. :-)


  1. Sounds like you are off to a fabulous fresh start. Can you refresh my memory with what program you use to track your calories? I like WW, but I think I need to switch to a program that will offer menus each day. I need structure like that.

  2. I've been focusing on finally losing the weight that I've been putting on for years. Several co-workers and I are all on the same diet plan (high protein, no carbs) and it's really helpful having friends at work who encourage me to not fall off the bandwagon! 11 pounds down, a bunch more to go... (Shhh... don't tell Mom).

  3. @ Barbie -- I dont' really use a calorie program. I'm wearing the Bodybugg and the online program that goes with it, offers a menu/diet program, but I've never liked the menues provided for me by any program. So I just do my own thing, but I have to log in what I've eaten. I kind of have set meals that I tend to always eat for breakfast and lunch and I've just gotten to where I know the calories in the most common things I eat. THe hardest part for me is the afternoon snack time when teh girls get home from school and then dinner. So I researched a ton of lo-cal dinners and went through my own recipes to figure out which ones I have the nutritional info for already, which makes it so much easier.

    @Jess -- Yay! I'm so excited for you! That's got to be so encouraging to see the scale move like that! Your secret is safe with me! :-)


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