Monday, November 8, 2010

A day in the life of.....

My kitchen

It's Saturday. We sleep in a little, then I make a yummy breakfast since we have time. The girls request waffles.

I do not use waffle mix. I use Betty Crocker's recipe and good ol' flour, milk and eggs. (Plus a few others ingredients)

They are so good. Especially with peanut butter and maple syrup.

Then, because I'm in the middle of being really productive, we eat heated up leftovers for lunch. Today it was Skinny sloppy joes. So yummy.

At various times in the day, I whip one or two of these up. Homemade latte's. My favorite. I very rarely pay money for them anymore. Seriously, when a 1/2 gallon of milk costs the same as one drink from any coffee place and where's the logic?!

Then, because I have a couple almost-black bananas and a small pumpkin, I whip up this wonderful bread. Only we don't do nuts in our baked goods so I threw in a bit of chocolate chips instead. Yeah, it was yummy too.

Erik whipped up this as I was finishing making dinner. There's nothing like homemade, fresh guacamole.

Doesn't it look divine?

And it went perfectly with the Chicken Tortilla Soup that we had for dinner. I got the recipe from one of the various Fitness magazines I subscribe to. It was actually quite good. In it I used homemade chicken stock made in my crock pot. Oh, and the chicken breasts that were cooked in the broth. Not too shabby.

We had some of this, as well. Hadn't opened a bottle of wine in a while, so it was good. We like La Vielle Ferme. It's a really good, inexpensive wine.

Then, we watched a movie and noshed on some of Erik's wonderful popcorn. It's always his job to make the popcorn because he has some trick for making sure all the kernels pop and then he butters and salts it perfectly. Not too much, but evenly spread around. He's our popcorn hero.

How about you? What's a typical day in your kitchen like?


  1. For some reason, I got to the wine and forgot about the rest....hahah:) yummy...nice food in the kitch!

  2. That was a big day of kitchen work. Good for you. I think my wine opening would have happened much sooner.


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