Tuesday, October 26, 2010

When the weather turns colder....

It makes perfect sense to spend more time kitchen cooking up yummy food to fill our bellies with warmth. I think I spend most of the summer making food that won't heat up the house that once the cold air hits, I can't wait to turn on the oven! Here are just a few things we've been enjoying around here lately...

Fresh apples from my mother-in-law means I'm on the lookout for apple recipes!

Like, Apple-Cheddar scones, which were wonderful. I found the recipe here.

Ooh, and while I was at that website, I also found a recipe for homemade Pop Tarts. I don't like buying them from the store due to all the *ahem*crap*ahem* they put in them, so I was pleased to find a recipe for making them at home! They were tougher to make than I thought, but I think with a little practice they'd get easier. They were sooo good, like having pie for breakfast.

For my birthday, we had lunch at my folks' house. My mom had quite the spread of sandwich fillings which she then grilled on her panini press. YUM!!

Even the kiddos liked it! Isn't my nephew the cutest?

Aw, well maybe not the cutest, but he's one of the cutest. My girls are right there too.

Some of my wonderful family after lunch. We were missing my Dad who was hunting. I think hunting season has opened on my birthday or birthday weekend for most of my life, so I have become use to losing the men in my life to hunting!

Can you see what my girls are eating? Look familiar at all?
Think of another store bought treat, made homemade.
Dark cookie.
White filling....
Did you guess? Oreos!!

Found them here, again. (That is one of my newest favorite websites for baking! Her recipes are yummy and her pictures amazing!) and they were pretty easy to make and also pretty darn tasty, too.

And after we've eaten our fill and Momma is cleaning up the kitchen, the girls like to watch silly youtube videos with Daddy. I think at this moment they were watching an classic Eminem video. Real classy entertainment, I'm telling ya.

Not pictured are the cheese straw crackers I made, again from Deb at the SmittenKitchen. Easy and Yum! Or the Tex-Mex chili I made last night, a RachalRay recipe I tweaked, which Erik said was, "Killer." Which, in our house is quite the compliment. Or the corn salsa that I got from this great website full of wonderfully healthy/low-calorie recipes.

I've got a whole pile of recipes that I still want to try this week, too. And I've sort of got an idea to chronicle the food we eat in a typical day of our life, just for fun. That would be fun, right? And not boring? Anyway's, we'll see!

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