Monday, October 25, 2010


1. I had a great birthday until I got sick. Sinus pressure, sore throat & ears, achey body and being oh so tired meant spending the rest of Saturday and most of Sunday in bed or on the couch. Bleh. I'm on the mend but still not 100%. Sometimes I wonder why I even get sick--I watch what I eat, take my vitamins, wash my hands, and work out pretty regularly--I should be healthy! I guess I could chalk up the short duration of my sickness to my healthy lifestyle. I'm sure if I wasn't a generally healthy person I'd probably be hacking up a lung right now.

2. I love my new fleece shirt I got for my birthday. I told Erik not to get me a present but that I wanted to order a few things from Title 9, especially this soft lil' beauty that I've been eyeing since last winter....

I love it. I wish I had it in all 3 colors. I could seriously live in this thing the rest of the winter.

3. I think I'm on speeddial down at the girls' school. Well, maybe not, but I sure know the number when they call me, which has been a lot lately. I've had to go pick up Kera from school four times in the past few weeks due to bellyache and diarrhea issues. I had thought it could be the school lunches, and so had a plan to send only homepacked cold lunches this week, but got the call around 12:30 after she'd eaten. Now I'm thinking it could be lactose intolerance (I'm hoping its as easy as that) and so we're gonna keep a food log and limit milk products to see if that makes a difference before I call the doctor. It's frustrating because she's fine now, probably won't have any more diarrhea and isn't crying from intense pain. I hate that she's missing as much school as she is because of this.

4. Guess what's in stock at the grocery stores now? Egg nog!! I had my first egg nog latte last week and it was heavenly! :-) I refuse to buy my own carton until Thanksgiving however.  

5. As soon as I feel good enough, I've got some baking to do this week, so hopefully I'll have some stories, recipes and/or pictures to share with you!

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  1. I'm glad you're on the mend, Kendra. What a lame way to spend your birthday. Can't wait to see the fleece!
    Sorry about Kera! I think I'll get out for an egg nog latte myself this week!


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