Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What up Wednesday

Vic over at freckles and fudge is doing a "What up Wednesday". I thought it sounded like fun, so I'm joining her today. I like that she changes things up all the time, so no guarantee's that this is what I'll do from here on out, but for today, it sounds grand...

Join along, if you like.

Here's her questions:
1.) What is your greatest fear if any.

I am afraid of heights and speaking in public, but my greatest fear would be losing my husband or kiddos.

2.) Coffee, Tea or Cappuccino.
Most definitely coffee, more specifically a skinny latte or americano, homemade preferably. I will go for a good cup of green tea or "Evenings in Missoula" though if I've had enough caffeine already.

3.) Do you bend over backwards to lend money to family/friends.
I'm not a huge money lender, but I do what I can to take care of family and friends.

4.) Reader, Writer or Both
Anyone who knows me knows that I am both. Lately I've been more of a reader, but November is right around the corner...

 5.) If you could go anywhere to escape, where would you go.

I like tropical places, although a warm, cozy cabin in the woods would be a nice escape, too.

 6.) Do you sleep with a flat or fat pillow.

I like a fatter pillow, not huge, but enough fluff to cushion my head.

 7.) How many times a week do you have sex.


 8.) How well do you deal with confrontation
Not well. I tend to run away from it, I really, really dislike confrontation. I've gotten better at dealing with it over the years, but I'm still not great at it and have to fight my natural tendency to run.

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  1. oh i love ur answers....i love coffee's a must but lately i'm drinking tea....i would not know what i would do if i lost my kids or babe...that's why i asked to see if anyone else felt the same...that's my biggest fear too...:) u rock....:)


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