Thursday, July 1, 2010

Two days in Denver

After spending time in Laramie, we headed further south to Denver. Erik lived here too, from his junior year of high school until he moved to Montana, so once again we had some former homes and "historic" places to visit. It just so happens that a friend of mine from junior high school in Sidney lives in Aurora, just south of Denver, and so I asked her if we could crash at her place. And we did. We spent two comfortable nights there with allowed us to get some great time in to catch up on the past almost twenty (!) years of our lives. We've been pretty good about exchanging birthday & Christmas cards, but you can't usually fit much info in those!

While we stayed at Lindsay's house (yes, that's where I got my little Lindsay's name) the girls got to interact with her dog, Buddy. Erik suggested they pick up the poop on his evening walk, as a preview to what it would be like to have our own dog (I think he thought it would deter them a bit in their current quest) and so two nights in a row they eagerly awaited the night time walk. They didn't exactly enjoy the picking up of the poop, but they loved taking him out for his walk.

Lindsay, with her bag full of poop

Kera didn't enjoy this part. I think I did it for her, those small hands don't pick up poop too easily.

Kera really liked Buddy.

Do did Lindsay.

Here we are, friends for probably twenty years. Hope for twenty more!!

It was sooo nice to have my girls get to know Lindsay. She's currently pregnant with their first and I'm so excited for her. She's gonna be a great mom.

One thing we did while in the Denver area was go see one of Erik's buddies from back in the day. It was pretty warm while we were down there, so instead of stand around in a sweltering zoo, we met him and his 2 kiddos at his home instead. The girls spent the afternoon playing with water guns and chalk while us adults chatted. It was a very relaxing afternoon and much more enjoyable than the zoo would've been.

Stay tuned tomorrow for pictures and stories from the first ever J/H Family Reunion! :-)


  1. Looks like fun! What a cute kid! xxx

  2. Amazing that you stayed friends from middle school! ;) After 20 years I am recently back in touch with 2 or 3 from high school and that is nice. anyway... Sounds like a great time away from home! thanks for your nice comment today!

  3. Love the scenic pictures, keep them coming :)


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