Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Good ol' Laramie, Wyoming

My wonderful husband Erik spent the bulk of his childhood in the small-ish Wyoming town of Laramie. So, when we had to head on down to Colorado for a family reunion, we decided to take some extra time on the front end to visit the places & some of the people of his childhood. We spent almost 2 days in Laramie, driving around to see all his family homes (three in total), his schools and the fun places that we've heard about in "Daddy stories". We also were able to see a couple of his long time friends, which was great. It was so nice to finally put a face to the name that I've heard for all these years. I neglected to take pictures of the people, but here are a few of the places....

Walking a small trail in town that leads to "Huck Finn Pond"

Erik was amazed at the growth this town has seen since he left. As we drove around to his old spots, he found that many of the once empty fields now hold lots of homes. It was kind of sad, in a way.

Erik and the girls sitting on a bench at "Huck Finn Pond".

When we first got there Erik was thinking that they'd moved the pond, but after a few minutes of being there he realized it was just the difference of perspective that twenty-plus years brings.

The girls playing at a cool park in the city. They finally got bored of seeing all of Daddy's old houses and sitting in the car, so we let them burn off some steam at a park that Erik use to play at.

One of the pretty sights on the drive from Laramie to Denver. It's so different from Montana down there, it is still beautiful but in a different way. I loved all the rock outcroppings that would come out of now where and the open fields. I probably saw thousands of antelope on the drive, too, they were everywhere.


  1. You live in such a beautiful part of the country! I've never been to Montana or Wyoming and would LOVE to some day! Love seeing your photos - so different from the midwest :)

  2. Cute images! The girls are so pretty! xxx


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