Friday, June 4, 2010

The things kids say...

We're currently planning this little girl's 6th birthday party. I can't even begin to comprehend that she's that old or that she'll be finishing kindergarten next Friday. When did she grow up? How'd that happen right under my nose? She's been talking about her party for a while now. Of course that's mostly because big sister had her birthday & party mid-May, so usually the time between that and mid-June when her's happens, is filled with birthday talk.

She's set on having an outside, run through the sprinklers/play in the water party, and has been for a month. The other details have changed slightly, but on that she's been set. Weather here is rather fickle, so you never know if mid-June will be warm enough (last year it was barely) but we'll plan for it. She's pretty simple so the prep work for the party is going to be pretty minimal, which is nice!

A couple weeks ago as we were walking to the bus stop in the morning, her and I were talking about her party. I think specifically about who she'd want to invite. I wish I would've wrote this down immediately so I had her exact words, but I think it's close enough to get the picture..

Kera: I want to invite Mr. S to my party. (that's her teacher)

Me: Hmm.

Kera: Except, maybe not because then we'd see his boobies.

Me: (laughing) What?! (I had forgotten it was going to be a water party so I was really confused on why she'd think we'd see her teachers boobies)

We laughed all the way down the hill to the bus. Such a considerate daughter I have! ;-)

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