Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Family Hike to Bass Creek

One of the many flowers we saw along the way. The girls insisted I take pictures of them all.
I thought these little pink ones were just too cute.

At the trail head, everyone is happy.

Stopping to see the creek.

Self portrait of me in all my rain gear & camelbak.

A cute moment. The girls, offering each other support.

Daddy, caving into Lindsay's whining to be carried. Only for a few yards, but she was much happier after this.


  1. Gorgeous photos! I read your post yesterday about getting re-focused in your life. I TOTALLY get that need - I live that myself. My only piece of advice to be gentle with yourself as well - you are fantastic at what you do already!

    I look forward to reading how you are getting focused - I could learn a lot!

    Take care!

  2. We love 'exploring' too! I think those little pink flowers are wild blueberries? they look alot like my not so wild blueberries! it is lovely to have a face with the name now! looking forward to following along! =)


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