Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Phew, I can take a deep breath now. One big activity/responsibility has been completed. Both of my kids have performed and I've watched both of their spring music programs at school. Kera, the almost 6 year old, didn't have to do anything special to prepare for hers, but its still up to me to make sure she's at least clean and matching on that day and then to go and watch takes a huge chunk of time, so its nice for hers to be done.

Lindsay, the almost-as-in-on-Thursday 8 year old, got a part this year, so we had a bit more preparation to do. She was going to be a fish and so we had to match her clothing color to the mask she'd make (blue) and then figure out some sort of fins. Before I'd really thought through it, about a month ago (I'm so grateful the music teacher gives us such a lengthy heads up, it's much easier to be prepared that way!) I went to the fabric store one day and just wandered the aisles. I guess I was hoping that I'd find something to inspire me or some ribbon or fabric that just said "fish" to me. All I ended up finding was an old friend from high school who was in from out of town for her sister's wedding--it was rather funny. 

I am in no way a good sewer--I can sew just enough to get by although I've always wanted to purchase a sewing machine and try my hand at learning more. Well, that wasn't going to happen for this. I just needed a shirt or something simple to make her look like a fish. So I did what any mom needing a craft idea would do, I googled "fish costume." I found a lot of costumes for sale, but I didn't want to buy a whole costume. I also found some ideas that used hats or hooded sweatshirts, of which wouldn't work for me since Lindsay had made her own hat at school. But I did get some great ideas and decided to do my own thing.

So we found a t-shirt and a dress, both simple, cotton, in a color similar to her hat. Then I went to Michael's and got a whole bunch of felt pieces, in all different colors of blue as well as sparkly blue and white. I got out my trusty glue gun (I love that thing) and my orange handled sheers (I can't sew but I have a great pair of scissors!) and got to work. I cut out  a template of a scale on paper, checked with Lindsay (she was involved in every part of this creation, since she would be the wearer, I had her approve all design elements!) and then cut out a bunch of the felt pieces into fish scales. We layered them on the t-shirt to get a feel for the look. I realized they were too big for the part of the t-shirt by her neck, so we made some smaller ones too. Then, I glued it all down, and voila...

a fish shirt!

Complete with 2 fin "gloves"

I think it turned out really cute, and she loved it which is all that really matters, isn't it? She looked so darn cute today at the program. I didn't get there early enough to get a great seat, so my pictures are all of her back except this one which is blurrier than all get out. I think I need a good zoom lens on my camera. ;-)

Anyway, she sang and did well, I was really proud of her. I'm also glad that the whole spring program part of spring is over. Now all I need to get through is her birthday cupcakes & party on Thursday, then the grand weekend killer called the ballet recital this coming weekend!

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